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Located in the beautiful Quapaw Quarter Historic District in Little Rock, The Villa Marre, considered one of Little Rock’s premiere ladies, is making her triumphant return. The Villa Marre was built in 1881 as a reminder of the Italian heritage of the owners, Angelo and Jennie Marre. The Villa Marre was a residence for them for a short period of time before they both passed away.

It was built in the Second Empire architectural style that also boasts Italianate influences. The main feature of the home, the mansard roof, is both eye-catching and breathtaking and is adorned with multi-colored rectangular slates that are intertwined, creating a decorative fish-scale motif. Other examples of the Italianate style are the tall, narrow windows and a tower centered on the front half of the home. The corners of the home are accented with quoins that are made from concrete stone that have been stacked in alternating positions to give the home a much more decorative and dimensional effect. Both are characteristics of the Italian and Second Empire architectural styles. Soon after walking into the home, you are enveloped by the winding walnut staircase that is located in the front foyer, frescoed and muraled ceilings and a lavish blend of woodwork from floor to ceiling. The home, which over the years has weathered countless severe storms, architectural changes, urban renewal and neglect, still remains one of Little Rock’s most prominent landmarks.

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    The Villa Marre is a classic venue with architectural appeal and southern charm at its finest. The staff is committed to creating the most special day for their clients every time. Your photos are sure to be gorgeous and your guests will have so much fun in addition to being impressed by your taste in venues.

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