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here is no spot in Ventura County, with the exception of Mission San Buenaventura, that has the historic interest and
glamour that Rancho Camulos possess. Ramona and Alessandro have their niche in fiction's Hall of Fame, but the story of Camulos must ever remain the story of the family that lived its history, the del Valles, and the Rubels who cherished their legacy.

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Rancho Camulos Museum is a gorgeous location. It's all outdoors and there are many spots to get some great pictures. It's also a location all by itself, making it a great private event space and they let you bring all your own vendors. Booking the venue was easy and the director, Susan, was very responsive when we came to tour the venue. Once we sent our deposit check however, she became unresponsive and was not much help when it came to asking for information on the dimensions of lawns and maps of the grounds. Our planner wound up making her own from google maps aerial view and memory...We went to visit the venue several times with the promise that Susan would be there to answer questions and walk the grounds with us. This was time we scheduled with her and she never showed up for any of our 4 walk throughs. My ratings and reasons are as follows:

Quality: 2/5 stars. Would have been 1 star because the day before our wedding, we showed up to the venue to receive our rentals from the rental company and the grounds were an absolute mess to the point that the rental company could not set up. The fountain was green, the lawn we were going to use for our reception had huge dirt mounds all over the place, there was fruit covering all of the sidewalk areas, the spot where the ceremony aisle was supposed to be (centered in front of the gorgeous tree we had our hearts set on getting married under) was all mud and obviously not doable for a wedding dress to walk over, there were broken champagne glasses and trash on the grass, and to no surprise, Susan was not there as we planned. This was a mess made from a previous wedding an entire week before, meaning she had not been on the grounds to even check on it. Our wedding planner called her and then she sent the gentleman who maintained the grounds to the venue to clean up. The only reason this is getting 2 stars rather than 1 or 0 is because he did a great job cleaning it up and making it look wedding ready to the best of his ability. But that should have been Susan's responsibility to be aware of. Her unpreparedness cost us hours of valuable "day before wedding" time and anyone who has planned their wedding knows how important that time can be to get last minute stuff done.

Flexibility: 3/5 stars. The venue lets you bring your own vendors meaning our catering and bar set up saved us a lot of money. The venue also allows you to access the grounds the day before your event (rental drop offs can be cheaper this way too) as well as lets you store event items in the school house until the next morning after your event for pickup so you're not cleaning in the dark. We were able to use some of the items on the grounds as long as they were put back, which was nice when it came to cocktail hour and having some extra benches/chairs for seating.

Responsiveness: 1/5 stars. Wish it could be 0 stars. Again, Susan was unresponsive after we sent the deposit check (which she never confirmed with me that she received and months later after still asking for a copy, I believe she had lost it) She emailed when it came time to send in the remaining balance and once that was sent she went back to being unresponsive. I also never received confirmation that they received the final check except for seeing it removed from my bank account.

Professionalism: 1 star. I don't feel further explanation needs to be made here about the museum's director.

Overall Value: 2 stars. Because of the flexibility on vendor allowances, we were able to save a lot of money on the wedding overall. The value of the venue itself though, not sure it's worth the 2 stars. Especially since when we booked in 2016, their prices increased by 25% in 2017. Not sure the value still holds at this point for future guests since the price you're paying is really for the flexibility and for the use of the grounds. If the flexibility is worth it to you, that's great but just make sure you double check on the lawn being mowed ahead of time and the doors being open that you need access to if necessary because other than that, you're managing all other coordination on your end whether it's you or your planner.

Overall Service: 1 star. The only thing the venue needed to have prepared was the grounds maintenance the day before and there was one room we needed unlocked for an important pre-ceremony moment we wanted photographed. The grounds got done at the last minute with no time to fix the mud except hope that the heat dried it and the room we needed was not accessible as promised. Susan literally had two jobs. Have the grounds ready and not muddy and have one room unlocked. Moments before we were supposed to go to that room for some pictures, she informed me she didn't have the keys and couldn't get a hold of the guy who had them. She then gave excuses on how when she was gone that the locks were changed without her knowledge. Eye roll...Honestly, I couldn't even be upset at that point because I was not surprised. Thankfully, our photographer had scoped the property earlier and found us an alternative location, however it had to be outside where everyone could hear us (we were singing a song together before the ceremony) rather than inside and a more private moment.

Despite the service provided by the venue's director, our wedding went beautifully as her lack of organizational skills was a "behind the scenes" problem and our planner did an excellent job making sure things went smoothly. The grounds are gorgeous and ideal when they are maintained, but my only advice to future couples/event planners is to weigh your options when it comes to how badly you want flexibility over an organized and responsive venue contact.

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