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The Millennium Harvest House is located along the Boulder Creek with fantastic views of the Flatirons.  We have 16 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens that is perfect for ceremonies & receptions. The permanent outdoor Pavilion offers shade for outdoor receptions, and the Firepit is ideal for smaller wedding events like rehearsal dinners and scattering parties. For dramatic indoor receptions, we have a spacious Grand Ballroom with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the Flatirons, and the Millennium Room, with stone walls, for that more intimate reception.

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I picked millennium for the price and location, knowing the hotel was a bit old and run down but I ignored many 1-star reviews on yelp and thinking those were just snobby tourist, it couldn't possibly be all that bad...but I was so wrong. First and foremost, my wedding captain, Jason Fuhs, whom still is employed there, and a temporary worker from my reception came into my ballroom suite without knocking while I was in the bathroom and knocked the door until I came out. When I confronted them as to why they would be so rude the banquet captain yelled at me! I escalated this up and spent an hour of my wedding night arguing with this man about how he was so unprofessional and rude and at no point did he ever apologize. Later that evening I saw the temporary working hanging out and drinking with my guests and when I asked her to please leave she started cussing and lunging at me. I screamed for security who all but just sat there. She broke free from one of my wedding guests holding her back and grabbed my throat and hair, ripping my gown and breaking my grandmothers pearl necklace with a chunk of hair in it. I called the police and have dealt with lawyers, the hotel, and the corporate level. Let me tell you these people will make you feel so insignificant and try to brush you under the rug. They claimed absolutely zero responsibility and multiple times even got rude with me because they were 'sick of dealing with me.' After months of getting no where but a half hearted apology letter from Jason Fuhs, and a free nights stay on our anniversary we were at our wits end. A friend was able to give us a contact from corporate and after weeks of the same response, we got another apology letter from the GM and a check for $750 to fix the dress and necklace. I spent months in therapy to really decide what I wanted from all this and I decided against a full trial, all the while my lawyer was taking my case on contingency and would have sued the corporation and temp agencies for multiple counts of negligence and damages upwards of $60,000, I spent months decided what was right and I knew if we went to court we would have to sign a settlement and we wouldn't be able to speak freely about our incident in reviews or the media and I felt that this information NEEDED to be known. What a terrible company and experience that almost ruined my wedding day.

I wish this was our only problem with the venue but it wasn't. Our wedding coordinator from millennium quit giving us a few hours notice of her last day and a lot of her promises and set up went with her. I started over with a new coordinator 6weeks before my wedding and my wedding was going to be first. Blocking rooms for my guests at the agreed upon price was a nightmare and working with that lady was awful, multiple guests still over paid for rooms despite countless emails/calls/meetings regarding the discrepancy. The rooms were truly as awful as they say on yelp and, TWO guests of mine actually saw mice and they WOULD NOT switch their rooms or even clean it for them. The wait staff failed to give the table my mother and father were at dessert or champagne for the toasts and my other was too afraid to complain or mention anything to me until afterwards. I've heard so many stories of guests having trouble checking in and not until after 3pm the day of the wedding. I am truly DISGUSTED with this hotel, their treatment of my guests. Spend your $ elsewhere, it's so not worth it here!!

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