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We proudly present the affordable rental spaces of Marathon Village! Here, a history-rich and antiquated automobile factory has been transformed into a thriving creative community and center for commercial, performing and visual arts!

The shuttered Marathon Factory was languishing in weeds and neglect when urban visionary Barry Lyle Walker recognized its potential and bought it in 1986.
The project started with one building then other buildings were purchased that had been built at different periods of time throughout the car company's existence.

The oldest, as well as the only two-story building was built circa 1881. Most of the other buildings were built between 1881 and 1912. Because of the different types of architecture involved, the 1988 renovation of the buildings created spaces that are truly unique.

In the ruins of a building in Jackson, TN he discovered left-behind evidence of the Marathon story and launched a quest for one of the actual cars, ending with success in 1990.

Since then, Walker has overseen development of his Marathon Village into a 4 block complex of artists' and photographers' studios, offices, radio station and a fitness center -- even an artisan distillery.

Some buildings in the complex still are undergoing renovation, but the effort already has ensured that the Marathon name of Nashville's early automotive fame will live on in the 21st Century.

The redevelopment of the 32,000 square ft. administration office building/130,000 square ft. factory into commercial studio space is in its twenty-fifth year of continual renovation. During this time there have been three distinct phases of redevelopment.

The First Phase: included redevelopment of 32,000 square ft. office/administration building, complete with office suites.

The Second Phase: included redevelopment of the Foundry building.

The Third Phase: includes auto factory site work, sidewalls, parking lots and lights, main and secondary entrances, mail house, landscaping, and installation of the interior courtyard at 1210 Clinton Street.

The Fourth: will be ongoing renovation until completion of the entire project.

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