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Hechizo, meaning an enchantment, or a spell, is owned and operated by husband and wife team Chef Stefan Schober and Pastry Chef Ying-Hui Thai Low (Hui). They first opened their doors on December 24, 2003, and have been passionately creating flavorful, memorable food and unique dining experiences for their guests ever since.

At Hechizo, business is personal. Chef Stefan, with a team of two cooks, runs the kitchen hands-on—from shopping daily for fresh, quality ingredients, to creating the menus, and inspecting each dish as it goes out. Hui, makes all the pastries, handles reservations and oversees the front-of-the-house with a team of two dedicated staff.

Stefan and Hui have been a part of the restaurant since its birth from the tangled jungle on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Always with the belief in making things from scratch, they have been involved, along with Stefan’s parents, with the conceptualization and construction of Hechizo. Together with their team of construction workers and gardeners (who would eventually become their kitchen and waitstaff), they built Hechizo from the ground up, always keeping in mind the beauty and delicate intricacies of this unique ecosystem that is the Yucatan Peninsula.

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