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The Cliff House is a restored, historic church located steps from the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas. Originally built i

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The Cliff House is a beautifully restored church steps from the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas. The Cliff House welcomes ceremonies and receptions into it's historic space. To learn more about the history of The Cliff House, please read below.

Virgil E. Hunton moved to Dallas from New Mexico in 1934, where he was ordained as a minister. He and his wife Lucille, along with 44 congregants, began a new church in West Dallas. Soon thereafter, he and the members of the new church bought a parcel of land at Davis Street and Tyler Street. While the wives brought sandwiches and sodas, Reverend Hunton dug holes for the foundation and gathered stones from nearby Kidd Springs, all the while working his day job as chief porter at the Adolphus in downtown Dallas.

As the original inhabitants of Davis Street Baptist Church slowly moved away, other churches took over the space, including Tyler Street Baptist Church and Iglesia del Senor. The beautiful building eventually fell empty, but with this incredible restoration The Cliff
House welcomes you to experience a space tied to history, built with the love of a congregation and join the celebrations binding us together.

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