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A wealth of history abounds in the fabulous indoor and outdoor spaces (Studios) available to accommodate varying types of Experiences. Industrial Chic vibes await in our grand spaces that are intrinsically flexible to harmonize any style.

Each studio comes completely furnished with your choice of lounge and dining furniture, eclectic or homogeneous seating, multiple lighting options, and your choice of Art Factory decor, art, and seating arrangements. Plus, a state-of-the art sound system is included - just plug in your ipad, band instruments or turntables and Livestream your event with our equipment!

You can bring your own food and staff, bring your own food and hire our staff, or choose the Best option - full service catering in-house by our own Chef who works with you to Curate your own creative menu specifically for Your Experience!

Our own in-house artistic staff works with you to optimize your personal Experience from start to finish.

For an Experience unlike any other, everyone who chooses the Art Factory becomes an Honorary Member with 24/7 access to our entire campus and our community from the day you book through the day of your Experience (great for photos and making friends and contacts). On Your day enjoy exclusive 20-hour access to your chosen stage.

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