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Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club is located in Arcadia Michigan. Its grounds feature hundreds of acres of rolling green hills, including an 18 hole golf course. It also has sweeping views of Lake Michigan. The large grounds give this venue a peaceful and isolated ambience, though it is only a few miles away from the center of Arcadia, as well as Grand Rapids Michigan. There are two main indoor dining spaces for receptions with 100 guests or fewer.

The Sunroom. The Sunroom can accommodate up to 100 guests or it can be divided into two sections that each accommodate up to 50 guests. It features panoramic views of Lake Michigan, as well as views of the Arcadia Bluffs that the club is named after. This space is known as the sun room because it features floor to ceiling windows that allow natural light to flood in. It has a working stone fireplace on one wall and high ceilings that make the space feel open and airy.

The Lakeview Room. The Lakeview Room is a more intimate dining space for groups of 30 guests or fewer. This space has a more casual ambience than the Sunroom and it features bar seating as well as casual restaurant style seating. As its name suggests, this room has large windows that look out over Lake Michigan. It also has a decent view of the golf course and a large copse of trees that leads up to the lake.

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